FREE TinyWebDB hosting


I would like to present my web service, namely the free TinyWebDB database hosting.
It is the only one service on the internet! Comment, if you think that the project is worth development and improvement!

Tutorial video:



PS. Correct me if you find any mistakes :slight_smile:


Nice Work. It would be Nice if you could Increase The 500 records Limit


Hi, @Abhi4124! I decided to limit the 500 records, because I store all the data on my private server and I do not want to upload the database for several thousand records. If the project does not turn out to be a bribe, I will buy a separate domain, improve the interface, increase the free limit and add something like the pro version. :blush:

PS. It’s possible to delete unused records via website.


Oh, so much time has passed since the publication of the first version. I come to you with a completely new service. I have increased the free limit to 1000 records, and I have definitely improved and modernized the site. I think it is worth your attention :blush:

Service screenshots:



Data editing:


Great work, very useful.

Why don’t we all crowdfund a server(s)
So if anyone wants to use cloud services like eery’s
their data can be uploaded to the crowdfunded cloud.
Ideally, there should be three separate ones.
So, If we’re uploading data, it gets sent in duplicate to three independent servers.
That way if a server goes down their data is still safe and useable.
Maybe we could raise funds to fund it for 5 to ten years.

An extension might need building to utilise this.