[FREE] ThingSpeak client extension




For those who are playing with IoT stuffs, find bellow an extension just released.

It was not tested on Appybuilder, but on AI2, anyway the code was made in such a manner to provide compatibility with both development platforms:

Android ThingsPeak client extensionhttps://github.com/aluis-rcastro/AI2_ANDROID_THINGSPEAK_CLIENT_EXTENSION

Feel free to make experiments, and in case of facing to any issue, you can either discuss here and/or open an issue there at Github repository.

– Andre


Any example of what you can do with this extension for us the IoT illiterate?


Sorry, but didn’t you read the readme.md content at the above link? There, right on the first paragraph it is mentioned that it is attached an example application, and at the end of the text, there is a link to a ‘usage.txt’ aswell. If it not suffice, I can go further, but I need to know which part were not well explained.

There were attempted to be as comprehensive as possible, for illiterates, begginers, standard or advanced users, but if one need it being more detailed in some aspect I would be glad to go deeper, but I need someone to specify which part. Anyway, I will add an introdutuction to some concepts on IoT; thanks for your feedback.


Sorry, but it seems the one who didn’t read was you. Your readme file tells me technically what the extension does internally.
I said “an example” of what you can do with your extension. Like, what app have you made with it, or what can I make with it. What will the user see when I make an app with this extension?



Sorry, I should have posted at Extension Development, instead of at Extension section.

With this extension, one (mobile application, monitoring device, etc…) is able to upload any data to the cloud server, and another one ( mobile application, browser, etc…) is able to get it.

Both the methods of the extension ( Getdata and SendData ) are used to either send data or get the last value uploaded to the cloud server. Once the server replies, the event NewIncomingMessage is immediatelly instantiated.

The big advantage of this approach that you seemingly did not realize is that with this arquicteture you don’t need to have to provide your own server running full time, once both monitoring devices and the target application act as clients.

Perhaps this extension do not suit most requirements of the customers, but it is just one application that came to mind. If you see some issue, please let me know and I’ll add to the “wishlist”.

– Andre