Free Textboxing extension


Today I’ll share my old extension which use nineoldandroid library
Features contains

  • Material textbox hint
  • material pwtextboxt hint
  • input code
  • text drawable

Hope you enjoy all have a nice day.


Very good extension, @Kus_Zab… thank you :+1:


bro plz… give permission To download and used it …:slightly_smiling_face::relaxed:


@Kus_Zab, since you said it is free could you please open the access? It would be much appreciated if you can upload .aix and .aia files here. You can always add the tutorial link to your site.


thank you so much bro …


also permission me too
im waiting here


also permission me too
im waiting here


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu You have this extension ? please give me


@Gautam_Bhoon no i have not
u can pm to developer .

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We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.

Please update the download link. Thanks


Where do I download it?


please, anyone give me this extension download link…

unlisted #16


Where’s the download link ??!!