[FREE] SuperRewards Extension (monetization)


Hello my friends!
I create this extension to monetize games or apps through super rewards; the extension create a window to show an Offer Wall from this site.

This extension depends on 3 variables:

  • userID: User ID on your database. It can be either numeric or text, but must be passed as a String variable.
  • appHash: Your app hash, which you can find in your Dashboard on superrewards.
  • packageID: you package bundle ID on the Google Play.


To use this you need to attach the extension to any event like a button:


The 3 variables can be predefined on the beginning, but just the userID must be variable from your Data Base.

The extension add 3 more permissions to your app:

  • Internet
  • Access Network State
  • Read Phone State


The extension comes with the appHash used by superrewards as a tests hash, you need to change it after you sign up to that site.

This extension can’t be tested on the companion app, you need to build an apk in order to test it or see it working


This extension was created with the help to resolve some bugs of @Andres_Cotes you can donate to her PayPal account too.

Extension: com.superRewards.aix (272.3 KB)
APK: superRewards.apk (4.5 MB)


@ozonostudio You forgot to mention that this will only work in .apk and won’t work in companion


I guess you refer to this right?


Oops sorry. I missed that


Don’t worry I guess I should put it on Bold letter


@ozonostudio, this is super awesome extension… Thank you very much for sharing it for free for us… You rocks!


Donations are always welcome XD


It is a good extension but how can I validate that the user has completed the offer?
Without this function, the extension is not very useful in my opinion, even though it is a great contribution considering that it is free.


Actually create a postback API it’s the most easy part, inclusive they provide you a .php example of how implement the postback for your server. It’s more complicated create something on appy builder than create the API:


I still think it would be easier to check it from the extension, but it’s a good start, good luck!


As a personal experience I wouldn’t recommend, if someone have their Android rooted can send notifications to your server with false amounts, it’s better if you have the API on your server and lock the incoming data with using the IP that superrewards give you. Like I say it’s a personal recommendation, I have some time working with offer walls


You can encrypt the data or restrict rooted devices


Don’t know yet if that’s possible on appy builder


Isn’t this information available on their dashboard?


Yes it is, they have all the information of how implement an API and what you need, you don’t even need an exclusive domain for this, just a place where put the . php for the postback


Hello Please Give me Download link of aia


superRewards.aia (994.6 KB)


how to show earned point in my apps can you explain in tutorial video or via block editor


@ozonostudio it would be very appreciable if you provide a video tutorial or a documentation on how we can make that server and manage the postbacks covering everything from A to Z. :slightly_smiling_face::relaxed:


i want to monetize my users using ptcwall site.
can i using same postback php api which is used for super reward?