[Free] QuizMaker Extension


I have rewritten my old quiz application using your extension. Your extension was useful for reducing the total number of blocks. Some less important things could be improved but overall very good. I congratulate you on your work.


Thanks Marco. If you have any advice it is welcome. Can you share your app?


My application is on google play but it is only available in Italy, if you want to share apk with you. The background color of the buttons, for example, resets after answering a question, but as I told you, only minor things.


QuizMaker Update 1.03
Minor update to implement the button background color method. From the suggestion of @Indian and @Marco2.


com.appybuilder.chiccovision.QuizMaker.aix (17.0 KB)


Thank you sir
I will try this in my next app release


Here is my new app

It is a Quiz App


@Marco Please guide me what should i keep in the left over spaces in your new updated extension?


Please download aia file

Quiz3.aia (189.0 KB)



I’m sorry to arrive like a noob with this question, but once the .aia is loaded, to make your own questions, you just have to copy the image that shows you the blocks and modify… but what is the .aix extension for in this case?


Hi @Henger,
The aix can be found in post n ° 23.
The extension works on a csv string.
In this case the string csv is located on a firebase project.
You can create your own firebase project, and archive your csv here.
You can even use simple lists to pass data to the extension.
All examples can be found in previous posts.

Greetings Marco.


QuizMaker Update 1.04

Implemented two methods - “SetTrueorFalse” “Get TrueorFalse” to create quizzes with true or false response, as requested by @indian.
In the csv file use “corretto” as True and “errato” as False.


Quiz4.aia (200.8 KB)

com.appybuilder.chiccovision.QuizMaker.aix (20.3 KB)

Greetings Marco.


@Marco You are fabulous man

Thanks a lot.

I will check and update you. :star_struck:


very good job.

Can we change the backgroundcolors of wrong and correct buttons?


Sir Try to add a Timer


QuizMaker Update 1.05

Added options in the “SetTrueorFalse” method to change the “true and false” button background colors in the event of a wrong answer, as requested by @ im.pala.

Added “Timer” method to time the quiz by automatically switching to the following question in case of wrong or correct answer or time expiry, as requested by @indian.
Added correct and wrong bgcolor even im four choices quiz-

Regards Marco.


com.appybuilder.chiccovision.QuizMaker.aix (21.3 KB)

Quiz5.aia (214.1 KB)

PS) Current release example at Screen 5 in aia file.


Thank you very much sir.


This .aix file is a living hell. I would have liked a Json file instead, especially in Firebase where you can import Json very quickly. But in fact, it’s because of my lack of knowledge.


I use a multiline textbox to store easily data to firebase.

Json file would have been easy to set up on firebase, but it would have been difficult to set in the various lists of the app

Regards Marco.


Can get data from sqlite?if yes then how?


No,you can’ t get data from sqlite only from csv or firebase.