[Free] QuizMaker Extension


It would be very nice if questions, answers and the names of pictures were downloaded from a text file.


great bro…


It is very easy for text,I have to work around the images

Here is:

Quiz (1).aia (153.7 KB)


I played with some of the routines and added one i learned from @PixiiBomb. Here are the new blocks. All questions and answers are in one list.


Great work. It would be better if the questions were randomly selected (automatically). It is a good basis for creating your own quiz


You can use this routine to generate a random list with unique numbers from 1 to the number of questions.


Thanks Peter, I know this method (although for large lists of unique numbers it has its problems) here it fits very well. Mine, wanted to be just an advice for the extension, which would be nice to have a parameter “Random True / False”
Sorry for my English :sweat_smile:


QuizMaker upgrade 1.01.
Added method for randomize questions without repetitions.
Randomize is true or false.
Sets all lists with a single csv file.



com.appybuilder.chiccovision.QuizMaker.aix (15.9 KB)

Quiz (1).aia (153.7 KB)


Great job! :+1:


@Marco Thanks, keep up the great job and Appy Building :slight_smile:


Great! very good :+1:


Cool :+1:, btw how about adding ‘live’? It will be more intersting to play it, Keep up your work :+1:


What do you mean by “live”?


sorry, its wrong. i mean, ‘Life Point’. so every time play and we got wrong answer we lost 1 point,


Thank you So much :slight_smile:


Update of QuizMaker 1.02.
Now QM has ability to subtract points in case of wrong answer.
Implemented a method to handle attempts, use Infinity for infinite attempts, or set a number of attempts as you wish. Each wrong answer subtracts an attempt.
Now QM can load images from the web, not just from assets.
QuizMaker can be managed via Firebase database.
And finally it now supports multiple quiz categories.

Thank you all for the suggestions.

Quiz2.aia (188.8 KB)

com.appybuilder.chiccovision.QuizMaker.aix (16.8 KB)


Nice update, Keep it up :+1:.


Wow, thats a big update. Nice work. :+1::+1::+1::+1:


I have rewritten my old quiz application using your extension. Your extension was useful for reducing the total number of blocks. Some less important things could be improved but overall very good. I congratulate you on your work.


Thanks Marco. If you have any advice it is welcome. Can you share your app?