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Extension ComponentToImage



  • Using this extension you can convert any view/component to image and save it to storage.
  • The image will be created as per the components same width and height.
  • You can convert Layout, Buttons, Labels …etc
  • Any change on the component, eg: Round corners will also reflect in image
  • Note: The component should be visible
  • I created it as per the request and idea from @Angelo_Angius


  • First one is the label and the second one is the converted image.

2.Methods & Events

► Method: convertToImage


    • component - The component which you want to convert to image.
    • saveAs - Filename, default file path is /storage/emulated/0/

► Event: Created


  • Event raised after image created.
    • filePath - Returns the image file.


com.jerin.s2b.aix (7.8 KB)

Suggest new updates, report bugs and errors and stay tuned…

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Brother i love you . donating some bucks as well. i was waiting for it from millions of years :blush:

Can we convert an arrangement in image as well ?


Yes, you can also use the isCard option on the arrangement. You get an image with a border.


kool . this extension is revolution !


This is an example of a arrangement with the isCard set to on.


This extension will make a lot easier to make apps like the status designer I made. You have no idea the mess of blocks I had to make to be able to save and crop the exact portion of the screen where the arrangement with the graphic message is.
Now with this extension, all you need is just 2 or 3 blocks!
Good job!


I was thinking about your app when i tested this extension. This makes it really easy. I tested a small sample with a font, a background, a slider to set the size of the text and a button and poof… there it is. :grin:


Está muy bien la extensión. Muy muy fácil de integrar y usar.!

Lo único mal que veo es que solo captura lo que se muestra en pantalla y no todo lo que tienen el contenedor, aún que mueva el scroll arriba o abajo siempre captura lo mismo.

Pero aún así es buena!


Text is in another screen and the image is in another screen, can i get start value from the extention


You can make it work in kodular,
I really need this extension (it only works with a companion)


It works already in Kodular


You have to set a permission. Ask there.


What permission?:thinking:


See above…


Dear, i use this extension in my app… now i face some problem… in my app when i radius corner, corner is set circle… but after i save this component… the circleness is gone…please see screenshot…


Great job!
Maybe I’m doing something wrong because it works at Companion but is not working on apk file. Can somebody help me?


Check write permissions


Thank you! That was the problem… I guess the app didn’t ask for permission. Had to set it manually.