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AirtableClassic Extension

Airtable is a service that looks like a spreadsheet but actually acts like a database.
Airtable powered spreadsheet has been already introduced in Thunkable X.
This extension is to connect Airtable database with AppyBuilder apps.


  1. Create your free Airtable spreadsheet and account
    See documentation by Thunkable for Thunkable X.

  2. Connect your Airtable spreadsheet with AppyBuilder.
    See documentation by Thunkable for Thunkable X.

  • After obtaining properties API key, Base ID, Table Name and View Name


Getting, uploading, updating and deleting data. [ Methods and Events ]

1. Getting data

  • Get all data


  • Get the value of a cell

  • Get Row

2. Uploading and updating data

  • Create Row

  • Update a cell value.

  • Update a row

3. Deleting data

  • Delete by row number.

Note: responseCode = 200 means success.

Some sample blocks



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Suggest new updates, report bugs, errors and stay tuned…

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Extension for Airtable sheets
Spreadsheet API Problem

Hi @Jerin_Jacob,

Nice work. Do you have some sample blocks to go with this or an sample aia?


Extension work Fine… No more headache with Cloudstitch .

Thx u Jerin


Hi, friends,
Here is the new Update and it is a compulsory update.

  • Please update from here


  1. Bug fix and error fix

  2. New variable - totalRows


Thank you


i have a Problem with Airtable. If you load more as 15 Elements from a Column , the App will Crash. My Items are Tweeter Tweets from different things.
All is ok if i load only 6 7 8 or so but if i have a Table with more as 10 11 or 12 items in a Column , the App crash. Withe the companion and without. I tried different things to solve this , but each time the same. App crash if a Column have more as 10 items/ Tweets in a column.


Please Show your blocks



As you can see i want to load 28 Tweets from airtable. But it wont work. If there are only 10 Tweets or less there is no Problem but with more it doesnt work.
Same Problem is if i load 3 Lists and i want to put themm together in a new List. It doesnt work too. Two Items from each List is OK but with a third Item not.
I tried it to make a list and than put the list into the label.
Same thing


If i click on another Airtable Table like Bitfinex where are only under 10 Tweets , there is no Problem with that, but as i told if i there are more Tweets as 10 in the column, than the APP crashs.


How to extract rows from GotAllRows block? I try Json parse but its not looks good


Hello, your Extension have been a real helpfull tool to me, how ever the got column does´t get response I men I use the call get colum metod but the got coum block does´t work


is it possible to display images from my airtable database in my app


Is it possible to upload image to airtable? How can attachment as seen on airtable website be implemented in appy builder or using your extension?


It’s not directly possible,
upload image to any cloud service.
And upload the url to airtable