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Now you can use emoji in your apps,
Over 15,000 emoji

Emoji extension is divided into three parts due to exceeding the archive size limit.

The extensions include the 12.0 unicode Consortium Emoji version.
Minimum android compatibility 4.4 kit kat
Full Android 8.1 Oreo compatibility.

the extension is divided into lists and sublists.
From the main list you can choose a sublist by topic.
SetEmojiName: choose your emoji from the sublist.
Clipboard set.
Get Clipboard.

Get the “html entity code” using blocks.

Please, if there are errors in the codes, report them

Regards Marco.


com.appybuilder.chiccovision.Emoji.aix (49.9 KB)

com.appybuilder.chiccovision.Emoji1.aix (49.1 KB)

com.appybuilder.chiccovision.Emoji2.aix (19.2 KB)

Emoji.aia (148.6 KB)

built with https://editor.appybuilder.com/


These are really nice extensions. Great work. :+1:

What are the limits of the archive size? And where do they occur?


Thanks @Peter and Thanks to @Hossein for code editor.
The limit of appybiulder code editor is 50 kb.(naturally these extensions are builded with it).These extension are very large because they are a long list of 15000 elements.


@Marco Its actually 150k. We limit it so that we don’t get spam :slight_smile: