[FREE] AppyBuilder Desktop version (no offline)


Hi again, I create a desktop version of the AppyBuilder website.


Some App Points:

  • App Companion capable via USB and QR.
  • Quick shortcuts available, like cmd-z, cmd-c and cmd-v
  • Fullscreen.
  • Download .APK without problems.
  • No typical browser actions (no more magic mouse problems)
    No swipe back or swipe forward, now you can move freely on the block editor with touch pads.
    ctrl + mouse wheel zoom on block editor without issues.
  • More soft interface and a little more faster with the help of less RAM consumption.
  • All AppyBuilder Documentation open on a separated window, this let you keep working and have the document information on a floating second window.
  • Quick App Launch using cmd+space and typing Appy on any Mac.

Upcoming Updates

  • Update Notifications XD.
  • Save, import and export via Application Shortcuts.
  • Native help, displayed on top menu (help -> search)


Just Drag and Drop the app into your Applications folder.

Let me know what you think and if it’s useful for you guys.

Again any donation is well received and thanked.

Download (Mac Version)


Linux & Windows Version (Soon)


Hi, is this Appybuilder using portable browser?
Maybe a video would help to visualize.


I don’t think on make a video since it’s the same AppyBuilder UI ported to an OSX app.

And a portable browser, what you mean