For creating screen recorder


Hi all
I want to create screen recorder app
Please help


Welcome Tara,

Please don’t use usernames in a first post of a topic. If you want to create a screenrecorder in the sense that you have a gif or mp4 afterwards thats not possible with AppyBuilder or any of the builders that are around.


Hi sir
But it is a simple not a complex function
So please help


If you think it is simple why don’t you make it then?


Sir I am talking about feature is simple


@DDTnet why did you withdraw your response?


You said my answer didn’t fit the question…:disappointed: Link:


Some of those are automated messages. If posts get flagged by community members, then certain actions / workflow are taken




He was asking about “Screen Recorder” ( which records the activities on the mobile screen) not Voice Recorder !


I understood… Thank you very much…!