Football Simulator


This was my first app. I built this on App Inventor 2. Back when games were new, I am 50 years old, we mostly played turned based simulator games. One of my favorites was a football simulator. It was all text-based back then. I took that idea and basically made a GUI for it and used some short animations to show the play.

I want to make this a 2 player game that is not pass-and-play. Bluetooth or maybe using a tinywebDB and push notifications, but for now, it is a one player game and you play against your device.

Just like the text based game…there is zero strategy involved. When the device picks a play (offense or defense) it is completely random. Same with the fumbles and interceptions…all random. (if you are on offense and passing, you can be intercepted…but you will not fumble. Fumbles happen on running plays)

Please download it, play it once or twice and leave a review. As always…it is free!!