FloatingButton Issue?


With Screen Orientation set to Landscape:

If I hold the phone Portrait at Initialize, the buttons do not appear when I set them to visible.

If I hold the phone Landscape at Initialize, the buttons appear when I set them to visible.

Maybe it’s my phone(Samsung S8)?

Can someone download my .aia and verify my findings?

Testing.aia (21.6 KB)



I tested this on a Samsung S7 and a LG Stylo 2 Plus and they exhibit the same results.

It appears the FloatingButton captures the Screen orientation at app launch/initialize.

This is a problem for me because my app is Landscape and most users will be holding there phone Portrait before they click to launch my app.


Can you show the blocks you use?

Have you used the block


.aia is in first post.
I don’t use ScreenOrientationChanged block because I set app to Landscape.


Hi Ken,

I can not download and test every aia that is offered to me via the community or in private message. Can you show the blocks you use. I don’t know if i can help you but i can try.


These are the only blocks I have in this project.


@Ken_Nichols we have opened an issue ticket and is on our to do list to check into this

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