Floating text on screen


Is it possible to have floating text on a screen?
I know I can do it with floating buttons but then you still see the surroundings of the button and I can’t place them close to one another because the buttons will overlap.
So I like to have rectabular with only the text in it, is it possible?


I’m not really sure what you are looking for.
Do you have a picture of what you are looking for?


Well, it’s a textbox like the one I uploaded, That’s what I want on my screen but not in a button, just the rectangle with its contents


So like a floating Label?


Yes, that’s what I mean


I’m sure that could be possible with an extension. But not with any standard AppyBuilder component.


System Alert Window Extension by Ben (10 USD)



Thanks! I was looking for that extension but couldn’t remember the name of it


I use Kio4 create label extension, use google and search it. This is sample in maps view.


I found it .
But you need always to put the label in a horizontal or vertical arrangement.
Can you make an arrangement float over another one, I didn’t think so.
How did you manage with maps view, if you got it floating, can you share the aia?


Use with Kio4 create view extension


this is function where I call kio Create view and create Label, I remove view every time when I call to create because it make infinity label in same view :smile: … you must study this :wink:

You must Index every label…