[FIXIT]Uploadd of extention cause



Hello we try to upload aix file an we get always [ERROR] Got exception: Upload error

how we can fix that



Please read this and then give more info


we have downloaded extention from this forum ende then we have try to upload it in the extantion of the offline serve but the we get are error then we have looking in the debug and ther we see that he say [ERROR] Got exception: Upload error and now we hop to get help to fix it that we can upload extention to the offline server


Show where you try to upload that in appybuilder and what extension are you trying to import.


after are server restart its now work


Hi doc_hardi. The same happens to me with extensions and when importing projects. Everything else works. Can you tell me how you restarted the server? Thank you


On Windowes or on linux and if you use linux do you use screen


I use Windows. Thank you very much for answering.


I use Linux so i don’t know on windows but you only need to reboot your Windows PC


I already tried several times and still giving server error when importing projects and extensions. It is very rare, because if it matters well files to the project as images and audios. Anyway, thank you very much for the help.