Fix Companion to accept multipart http requests (?) and not crash?



According to Mika, the developer of the Ocr extension, the Companion crashes when his procedure is invoked, because it cannot accept multipart http (link points to comment in thread where extension is made available). I’m thinking he really means a mime-type of “multipart/html”. It would be nice to be able to use his extension in Live Testing.


Hi, @Thomas_Leavitt. I have used Mika’s OCR few times. I believe i can use the extension both in Appybuilder Live testing and .apk. My android is 6.0.1. Below is my test.


Hmm… maybe it’s been altered since that post by him? I’m using Android 7. As soon as the UploadImage procedure is called, the Companion crashes. I do have mine set to use “ReturnOnlyMessage” as true. Maybe that’s it? Also, how are you only getting \n as a return? I always get \r\n for some reason (no big deal, I can filter them both out via regexp).


This test was sometime ago when i tried to remove \r\n multiple times but always failed. Turns out Mika showed the way in the forum. I also have read your solution by using regexp.