FirebaseAuth update (NEW FEATURES)


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thanks for your fine extension. I can register a new user but when I try to sign in I got the message (at the very start of app,) of error Permission Denied.
So I cannot operate on my database.
Can you tell me where I’m wrong, please? I enclose aia file and screenshot of firebase dbase rule and blocksfiretest2.aia (126.7 KB)


you have to change rules. set true both.


Yes thanks @mirxtrem_apps for your quick help but if I set the rules to true everyone could write anything in any node of db, or Is this wrong.? And what is the need to have authentication for user iin this case? I’m a little bit confused about it. …


you are right… any body cn read and write but this weekend i am going to release a FirebaseDB extended version where you can leave rules in auth. so you should register or login before and get the Firebase token nd pass it to read and write in DB. native FirebaseDB (original component ) dont let set FirebaseToken in blocks.


Very well!, This would be a great step forward.By the way, in my app I set bucket in block to match it with localID and then write/read in a db node named the same. I Tested it with rules w/r true and it seemed to work.


Awesome… So, we can limit who can write+read and who can read only?


Please, is there any news about this development?


That’s a question for @mirxtrem_apps. If you have any updates, please attach our post here. Thanks


Hi @Tiziano1960 and @Hossein. there will be an update soon… some of the features are. OAuth with providers. it means that you can Login with Facebook (using FacebookLogin extension ). other extensions related are.
FirebaseDB Extended version to read and write without set rules in true (secure DB) and FirebaseStorage extension to upload, download and delete images and videos.
It just like a Combo to use firebase in your app.


Hola @mirxtrem_apps , me encantan tus tutoriales y tus extensiones, eres un crack. Me ha encantado esta extensión, pero no he encontrado la extensión de la que hablas de iniciar con google y facebook, esta en algún lado? Y como puedo hacer que cuando se registren, se mande el correo de verificacion al los nuevos usuarios?


Gracias, es muy motivante, la de google lo va a liberar @JONNY_STEYVER_ARROYO
Quedate pendiente en la comunidad
Esta es la manera que encontrado de hacerlo con Facebook:


Any news for “FirebaseDB Extended version”

Thanks a lot.


Y como hago yo si en mi aplicacion quiero que los usuarios puedan modificar su contraseña de autenticacion. He leido en la pagina de FireBase que el metodo es este:

var user = firebase.auth().currentUser;var newPassword = getASecureRandomPassword();user.updatePassword(newPassword).then(function() {  // Update successful.}).catch(function(error) {  // An error happened.});

Pero no encuentro esa extension para appinventor o appybuilder… quien me puede ayudar


Si te sirve este video:


Gracias. Ojala pronto saques la version 4.0 de FireBase Auth, para actualizar correo, contraseña o de reautentificar un usuario. La espero con ansias para mejorar mi aplicación.


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can you pls mut in your extension firebase auth the block Set API to …, because we can use the obfuscated text block and hide the api key.without you need only to decimpile your apk and get the code- This makes it a bit more safe. So pls add on this extension the API block. And on you new Extension pls make the same. We need the Blcok where we can write the API key in a obfuscated text block. Thanks


Hi, as Tiziano 1960 I have the same problem (Permission Denied) and I don’t want to set true rad and write rules because the authentication become unuseful.
So how did You solved this problem?
Thank You for your great work.
Best Regards.


Maybe you don’t need to buy firebase AddOn.
For Firebase Auth users.
For users who continue to use Firebase DB StoreValue / GetValue, please refer to the following video (2 in total). You will be able to complete the relevant work.