FirebaseAddOn Extension (To be sponsored!)



And i have a question can you make a extension for firebase where we can sign up with all other social media platform.

And i need dynamic Links and firebse invite.

I will pay you for that. And i kmow a lot of people in other Forums and maybe here also need that addon.

So pls talk to us / me and say me if this is possible for yoi to do that


Please pm developers of extensions if you have a question but don’t hijack other topics with your request. I will keep this one but deleted the other one.


hello I send you a payment by paypal you would like to send me the extension thanking you in advance


For Firebase Auth users.
For users who continue to use Firebase DB StoreValue / GetValue, please refer to the following video (2 in total). You will be able to complete the relevant work.

Maybe you do n’t need to buy Firebase AddOn