FirebaseAddOn Extension (To be sponsored!)



I’ve sent to you some messages about Firebase Addon extension.
Cannot get pay by PAYPAL. Please help me to get the extension.
I trying about few weeeks to get this kind of extension.


So, in the poll, people voted mostly in favor of supporting and sponsoring new developments.
In fact I see a lot of people “can’t wait” to pay for the extension.

But yet AppyBuilder keeps struggling to get people to support the platform that makes all this “extension side market” possible.

Kind of interesting, if you ask me. Don’t you think?


Why not use a pm instead of giving everybody your mailadress? Please use a pm next time when contacting a extension developer.


I just send u 5 USD$. thanks for your contribution


@CarlosPedroza27 , i sent you 5$ for the extension via paypal. How do i get the extension now?


The extension was sent to your email


nice @CarlosPedroza27 :fist_right::fist_left:


@CarlosPedroza27 te envié un correo, con unas dudas, que la extensión que me hiciste favor de enviar, no es igual a la de los ejemplos que aquí nos mencionas.


I also sent 5usd today,
Please send me your firebase extension
Thank you.
Waiting for your reply.
Best regards,


Next time, send your email using a PM because, of security & privacy reasons!


Hello dear i sent you 5$ with visa card end 7525
Throw paypal acount by email
Please send me the extension on this email



Dont you people UNDERSTAND?

I think you only needed to PM him your email, not credit care details


I want to buy FirebaseAddOn Extension. What can i do?


really this is coo extension. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes: thank you


there is a problem when keep firebase url blank, app crashed after install. must put a test url in url box otherwise app will be crashed.


Hi, @CarlosPedroza27 ,

If I pay the last $15 do you agree to release the extension? I think it is time to release it.


hello, I help create this extension, the reason why it is not released is because it took a long time to reach this type of answers where users freely offer help.

Donations allow developers to take time to create new methods that expand the capacity of the platform. do not feel cheated that it is not the goal


Andres Cotes



I just payed for one extension then. Please email me my copy. Left the note on the paypal order where you can send it. I hope that I can be on the sponsors list.


hey how can i get this extension ? is it still under sponser ?


hello i have mo paypal i can send you prepid creditcard with 5 euro. Its a bit more as 5 dollar. You can pay with this mastercard in each store world wide. I hope you know a prepaid mastercard. it is like paysafe card or a phone card-