Firebase using Login & RewardedVideo for Points system


why i m getting in the place of user name in sing in page it read the password means retrieves the value pf password but not the value of user plz help me


hi, I made same to same app but this is not starting and both ads are not showing.
I don’t know what I do. plz suggest me how to show ads.


Hi, Pixii have you made any Tutorial about Interstitial ads, i saw Banner ads one, I just need to learn that one how it’s work and how to show ads with good way with timing, if you done or you know anything please let me know. thank you much for your wonderful Tutorial, i have been watching your Tutorial and learning to make apps. thank you again, great job. Together We gonna make America Great Again.


Hello Rubi,
I have not made a tutorial on Interstital ads, but there is some info in the Help Docs that should be useful

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, appreciate your afford. thanks


Hi @PixiiBomb, I know this tutorial is older, but there were two times in the tutorial that I noticed things vanishing and appearing in your blocks. The first one is in your Globals. You said in the tutorial to type “users/” as the tag attached to the Global, time goes on, and then the tag vanishes. Through the rest of the tutorial, the tag is just blank for you. The second time I noticed something, was a block appearing that you hadn’t mentioned at all in the tutorial. It’s in the “InitializeTags” procedure. You start off in the tutorial with Global UsedID and it’s TinyDB, but if you fast forward a little bit, suddenly there’s a whole new block of code that’s there for table_users and connecting to the Firebase Bucket. The only reason I bring this up is that I followed the tutorial exactly, I listened, I learned a ton, but the Login just doesn’t work for me at this moment. Do these two separate blocks that appear and disappear have anything to do with it may be? In “Register” mode, when I click the “Confirm” button, it doesn’t do anything at all to Firebase, and does nothing at all in the app as well. Just kinda sits there. If I click Login, however, it prints; Error. (Which I have confirmed is my own message error that we typed in during the Tutorial. I confirmed this by typing something different, and it appeared on the Firebase site.) Am I doing this all wrong? What’s up with those blocks? Regardless of all that, I have to say I’ve been learning Appybuilder from you since I started this, and I’ve basically learned 90% of what I know about it from you. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the help.


Hey there,

So the vanishing thing is really just because I have only been editing videos for 2 years, and I don’t edit every day. It’s mostly just an oversight on my part. As well as the way I was editing/recording videos (which has changed overtime). Sometimes I catch the recording mistakes while I’m editing, and I’ll usually type something on the screen or re-record. But I don’t always catch my mistakes. I think there is even one video where I said “look on the right side”, and I drew a big red rectangle on the LEFT side of the screen lol. It’s pretty funny.

Pause the video at 11:37 and look at the top of the screen. Notice the format:
A good chunk of the video is trying to explain this format, so you can use it in your projects.
In this tutorial, we used:
FirebaseTutorial/users/0123456789012/ field

  • Project Bucket - FirebaseTutorial/
  • table - users/
  • userID - (a 13 digit number)/
  • field - username, password, email, etc

The Project Bucket is added in the Design View.
The global variable table_users stores the name of the table (users/)
A lot of the other variables are used to concatenate this really long tag.

The initializeTags Procedure is mentioned, starting at 12:38 - 13:15 in the video. The purpose of this procedure is to create variables that easily access the tags in Firebase.
(There is also example output on the screen. )

Because we can’t say to Firebase: “hey, I want to see Bob’s information”
We have to tell Firebase: “who is (get): FirebaseTutorial/users/0123456789012/username”?
And Firebase will say: “Bob”

  • To get the password, we would need to type: FirebaseTutorial/users/0123456789012/password
  • To get the email, we would need to type: FirebaseTutorial/users/0123456789012/email

So, we use the initializeTags Procedure to create a global variable (and the other field variables) called: field_username, instead of typing out “FirebaseTutorial/users/0123456789012/username” every time we need to access Bob’s username.

Hope that makes a little more sense :slight_smile:


I get what the problem was now from your explanation, thank you. You’ve helped me a lot. Please keep making these tutorials. I learn a lot from you.


Happy to help :heart:


Hey Pixii,

I have been trying to set up the firebase properly but even though I have read and write open my app cannot sign in after the app is closed it just says error.

Can I send you my .aia?


You can send it to me if you like


What I have is literately her aia with just cosmetic changes right now. I have also replaced the firebase tocken and url. However there seem to be some blank methods in her aia such as check login.


What are you trying to accomplish?

What would you like it to do.


I would like for the sign in to work after a user has already registered.