Firebase using Login & RewardedVideo for Points system


why i m getting in the place of user name in sing in page it read the password means retrieves the value pf password but not the value of user plz help me


hi, I made same to same app but this is not starting and both ads are not showing.
I don’t know what I do. plz suggest me how to show ads.


Hi, Pixii have you made any Tutorial about Interstitial ads, i saw Banner ads one, I just need to learn that one how it’s work and how to show ads with good way with timing, if you done or you know anything please let me know. thank you much for your wonderful Tutorial, i have been watching your Tutorial and learning to make apps. thank you again, great job. Together We gonna make America Great Again.


Hello Rubi,
I have not made a tutorial on Interstital ads, but there is some info in the Help Docs that should be useful

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, appreciate your afford. thanks