Firebase using Login & RewardedVideo for Points system


Works for me and I was able to click thelink to download


WHat about the redeem option for the users ?


Hi, I wanna show 2 or more peoples activity by fire base on a single screen vertically. I mean those people having my app will see each other’s activity or last activity when not online. when user open his app his position will be no-1 on his app but not other’s. Can you give me some suggestion about it?
Thank’s. :flushed::flushed::flushed:


hey can you help me there is a problem in sign in page he told me login failed pleaze what is the solution


Hello! mam, can I use your AIA file with edit then publish that app??
please reply me.


I guess you didn’t read all the text in the first post.


that’s not a good idea.what about when an user uninstall this app and again install?
failed to login.


In programming, there are 1000 different ways to do something.
I’m sorry if that sounds rude. Everyone asks these questions that they think will have simple answers.
It would take me 3 hours to type out a response.
It would take me 4 days to create a tutorial.

It would make me really happy if people would watch the tutorial and learn from it, learn the concepts, learn the knowledge I share. I actually put a TON of information in my tutorials. You could learn something if you study the concepts, study what’s happening. That’s how I did it when I was a little girl.

This tutorial is aimed at teaching you Firebase, with a user login system as an example. Nothing more, nothing less. Personally, I hate Firebase for user data. I prefer SQL based databases like phpMyAdmin, SQLite and Fusion table. I don’t ever recommend using Firebase for user data. But people wanted an example, so that’s how this tutorial came about.


thanks, Mam

and i’m sorry.


Hey pixi bomb it’s urgent pls help !! i want to tell u after downloading your aia file when i put my firebase data to “firebase_DB1” LIKE url and token after when i go to firebase console, i am unable yo add buckets and i wnat to know what you did with fire base that it shows all users data like signup new users and login old users data with coins they earned pls tell me


I guess this sais it all @ROASTER_INDIA_OFFICI


Wonderful and excellent job PhixiiBomb I real real appreciate your work

I am from Tanzania I have bachelor of arts in computer science but unfortunately none of my lecturer is capable not only to build or create the app but even how to draw a picture of a game of an App!!! Someone feel sorry for this?

Hello Phixii and other App-builder community please I need to create an App which will be for educational especial targeting the A-Level secondary students which I will be able to upload all articles and materials, past papers, examinations, syllabus and etc.

But my intention for creating such app is to make it being paid monthly with some $ 1 only, but for six month will be like $ 5 with a discount and if someone have not paid such money the the App should be loaded with Ads instead of $ 1 the user could have paid but if he/she pays then the ads will be off.

Please PhixiiBomb and other Community help me how to do this. I mean which of material extensions should I use to be able upload those materials on the App or do I need any or not.

Or should I have something like external database or a website to upload and link them with the App?

Please help how to do all of that because I am a newbie at this field, I real wonder how shall I be able to set a such monthly payment and to make the App to remember a such payment with its expiration date.

Thanks in advance


You asked the same in another forum and got an answer there. Please dont put your question everywhere. Users are more reluctant to help if you do that. I for one do. It feels like shopping. Stay with the builder you are using.


Thanks for tutorial !! hope full.
But i dont want the value of userID in 13 digits number like that, i just want the value in single digit.
Can you tell me how to do that ? or we cant ?


I tried building it again. When i signup values are stored. But when i click on signin it shows error message instead of user name


Hey, awesome video. I am following your video right now. But I have a question I guess you know answer. In swagbucks or other apps they offer their users money for watching videos. so is it possible that I can make one using rewarded video ads? or not possible :slightly_frowning_face:. Possibilities? (If there)


Hey pixii bomb can I get your facebook profile please


hallo madem ,
There are some issues with the fierbase tutorial video. I can not understand . .signup is being done but login is not. Please give solution to medram. can you help me


I can’t login even after a sign up . This is my .aia file please help me fix this problem. FirebaseTutorial.aia (294.4 KB)


Hello Pixii bomb i love your work you really impress me and am looking forward to be as good as you are.