Firebase using Login & RewardedVideo for Points system


This is not a tutorial for beginner users. I would highly recommend reviewing the previous tutorials mentioned at the start of the video before attempting this video. If you are new to AppyBuilder, you will have a very difficult time following along. This video moves at a much faster pace than most of my videos. Firebase is an advanced component and this video is aimed at members who have some experience using AppyBuilder. You should be able to follow along easily if you are able to find blocks by looking at a screenshot.

This video combines previous video tutorials (Push Notification, TinyDB & RewardedVideo) into one concept. The app will ask the user to create a new account if it’s the user’s first time opening the app. You will learn how to retrieve and insert data to Firebase from your app. The user will create an account (username and password) which will give them a unique userID. Their userID is stored on a TinyDB on their phone, for quick login. Once the user has successfully logged in, they can begin earning points by watching RewardedVideo ads. The points are stored in Firebase under the user’s 13-digit userID.

The permissions in this project are set to READ ONLY. Meaning, you will need to plug in YOUR OWN VALUES FOR YOUR FUSION TABLE in order for the project to work.

YOU AGREE THAT BY DOWNLOADING THIS .AIA FILE you will ONLY use it for education purposes or as part of your app. Any apps published to Google Play using any or parts of this .aia file MUST legibly include the phrase “original app design by Pixii Bomb” either on the title screen or somewhere in the “About” section. ANY Or ALL parts of this project MAY NOT be uploaded to another youtube channel, website, or publication in which the uploader receives credit for my work. If you wish to use ANY part of this tutorial in a tutorial that you create, you MUST have my permission to do so.
If you violate any of the above terms, your channel/website/publication will be flagged for copyright infringement.
Project File: FirebaseTutorial.aia (294.1 KB)

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Thank you so much, I noticed that the sound is a bit lower than the previous videos, maybe it’s just me.

Thank you for the effort again !

Thank you also for the aia.
Great !


Yea, I noticed that too, but I just thought it was my speakers >.< I will check the microphone. thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


This tutorial must be useful for new appy builders :blush::blush:


That’s good! I was worried it would be too hard for the newbies :smile_cat:


Video tutorial by @PixiiBomb is also available at:


Opps ! i just love your every tutorials , thanks,
1/but i think if you make it with referral system/referral code that may be more useful (for example- a refer to b , when b signup with reffer code of a, then a and b 2 person get some point like 100 each, )
2/ in this tutorial you giving point for Watching rewarded video.
you can make it giving point after clicking button. ( just like click button 1 to collect points)

can you please add refer system and clicking button to collect points feature. plss plsss please. i dont know how to make . i had tried several time. but always show error…
i just stuck here pls help me .


You can do whatever you want with the points. This is just an example of using the RewardedVideo in conjunction with a variable called “points” that gets saved to Firebase.

Creating a refer system is very easy, you just have to understand the concept in this video.

Have you ever opened an app or video game and seen “Friend Code”? (I think the 3DS has a friend code or something similar). To add a friend, you simply type in the Friend Code. Sometimes you type in a username. It doesn’t matter WHAT the video game calls it, you’re typing in a UNIQUE identifier.

We gave each user a unique userID in this example.
This could easily be a “Friend Code”.

Even though we only used a username and password field in our Sign Up screen, a typical Sign Up screen usually has more than a username and password field. You could add a “Referral” field, in which the user is asked to enter the “Friend Code” of the person that referred them to your app. Both users could then receive 100 points.

It doesn’t matter that the points come from the RewardedVideo component. The points are just numbers that are stored in variables. Points can come from anywhere. As long as you add that variable to Firebase, those users with the specified userID’s will receive the points you give them.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


@PixiiBomb can you make a tutorial about the firebase extensions to make it saver, this is really difficult (in my mind)


thanks again. i tried many time. it’s show firebase error. and then i delete the project. i can’t get it how is it works , for you is very easy, for me it’s super difficult. i just stuck here. pls if you can do it for us, please pixii mem… thanks from
heart of malaysia .


don’t know what should i say, but yeah one thing i wanna share as an android app developer i just know how to android studio and i never use any online app builder, but i love you see the tutorial by pixii bomb because i just in love with her voice with her face, and yes most likely the way she explain everything. you are awesome.


Lol thank you Rameez. I love Android Studio too! But AppyBuilder is such a time saver :smiley:


Thank you so much.:heart_eyes:


@PixiiBomb when user clear app data. then not login.

give details when user clear data then also login with user name password.


Thanks Million PixiiBomb this tutorial helped me lot for making login and signup pages for one of my android application. …from last few days I am stuck at login and signup page.
Thanks again @PixiiBomb you are awesome.


Hi can you please show a flow to adding a referral system in the login code ??



try the fusion tutorial
I created that tutorial after I made this one, expanding on databases and creating a user table


Give me aia file plz


I dont know what’s wrong with this thread, but try downloading the file (linked above) in a different browser.

Yesterday the download worked in Chrome, but not Firefox.
Today is works in Firefox, but not Chrome.


It works here with Chrome, FireFox and Opera.