Firebase url Error


i can not use firebase now always get this error.
Error from Companion: Invalid Firebase url specified
Any solution?


@edd What do you use for your firebase url?


using my firebase url


i wrote my firebase url and reload page. my url was not there. its empty.


I just tried a sample app adding firebase component to it. Next, i changed firebase url and saved project and reloaded page. It showed the updated firebase url. Are you sure you don’t have caching issue?


well then maybe its cause of firefox.i have some text problem with firefox.let me change to chrome again.


i added firebase changed url saved project now its working. but if i dont save it disseapear. did you remove auto save?


No. Auto save is still there. I don’t recall frequency; i think every 5 seconds if there are changes. After you changed url, did you click out or hit enter key so that it would detect change??


yup of course. ok let me check more.if it necessary then i will bother you again.