Firebase Storage v2.0 (New features)


Hi inventors!, today, i bring an update of FirebaseStorage with two new features.

  • You can choose Data MIME Type to upload images, audios, video or documents.

  • Can create a folder and store into it. just write with the “foldername/filename” syntax.

I recommend create procedure to easy development. There is some examples.

Create a procedure to simple upload

Create a procedure to upload into a folder

Download it here!:
com.mirxtremapps.FirebaseStorage.aix (35.3 KB)

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Dont forget support if you can and share link!

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I’VE FINALLY BEEN WAITING FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS, no reason :slightly_smiling_face:


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I have been successful uploading pictures and sounds into Firebase storage, Thank you for that… I need now to download the pictures and sound files into my application. Could you please tell me how?

Thanks again, Hanan


Hola, no consigo subir audios .3gp tiene algún ejemplo?


Yes what is the mime type for audios and videos.


check this onfo:


Does this extension work if the Firebase requires authentication?


Not working, I cant see the blocks in my computer that are shown in the description. And also given blocks are not working.


Hey there,

I can successfully upload a photo to my project bucket, the part I am struggling with is the retrieval portion.

The structure i have is firebaselink/folder/picturename,

When I call getfile -> folder/picturename it will give me an error, invalid http/url pair
The API Key and bucket have been checked multiple times so that isn’t causing the issue

Something interesting to note… i am uploading a picture from the camera. Once the picture is taken it fires the .AfterPicture which in turn calls the StoreValue of the StorageBase. Immdeitately after this I call the GetValue and then display the picture on the same screen…this will work and give me the error but if I try to retrieve the picture at a later time it will not work and just give me the error,

any thoughts suggestions, fixes?

Thanks in advance,



Can confirm it is every time I try and load a picture now, all result in the error "Invalid Http method/url pair


How can i save the file in two or three level subfolders?

I want to save in the following format



just set your path like this: “appname/username/foldername/filename” in upload block


Any block will be more helpful


Hi, Actually i need to save an image file into the folder and subfolders as follows


im unable to save in ths format.

Help needed.


I solved it by myself.


How did you solve it? To help others better understand.


Will share the other screenshots later


Thank you very much :+1:t2:


hanan did you download the pictures into your application ?