Firebase storage structure



Hi all,

First, I’m something of a noob at this. I’m trying to make an app that can help record what reading books children have read.

The concept: Use the camera to scan a barcode on a book, which returns the ISBN, I use 2 APIs to find the book online, then return the information about the book to my app, and save it in a Firebase DB together with comments from the teacher listening to a student read, or comments that they have typed about it, or a book review.

My problems:(1) I want to make firebase db nice and tidy. I want to split up a school of around 600 classes into their year groups and classes… so here’s a little snippet of what I think would work well for organising the DB, but I could be wrong.

The problem being, its now something like … Bucket > Bucket > Tag > Value… and when I want to get the list of books that the child has read, it F’s up the return value… ugh.

(2) I want to create a simple login page with JUST a username and password which are given to the children as they’re too young to have emails etc.


Pointers? Advice?