Firebase Project Bucket error


Please solve this error. I face every time. Whenever I open my any project its firebase project bucket changes to the “name” of previous closed project.
e,g. I worked in project1 and closed and then opened project2.
Firebase project bucket of project2 changes to “project1”.(without quotes).

  • I have kept project buckets empty.


@K_L this is very strange. We’ll check into it and try to reproduce


I think , solution can be achieved by removing any default value coming in project bucket while opening or creating project.


@K_L I just tried switching back-and-forth between couple of projects with FirebaseDB component and they seem to be okay. Can you switch browser and try it out?


No. Changing browser didnt help (chrome and then firefox) . I am posting screenshot showing project list and in another project bucket showing name of last opened project. Capture2