Firebase & Listview


@Hassan I got it. And Thank u so much for ur help :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@Rakib205 No, in your way, you will not edit the desire value.

Try this way:



EDIT: i create a new project and check these blocks.its working fast.
but previous project’s blocks are same but slower setting elements.
previous project has many blocks components variables etc.
do you think it can effect set listview elements time?


I have a big project. NO effect.


thanks again :heart_eyes:


it’s easy.

  1. call get tag list from firebaseDB
  2. Firebase give back a tags as a list with event “when got tag list”
  3. use control block “for each item in list” (the list is the value that hsve you gotten in step 2)
  4. set new projectBucket as [MY PROJECTBUCKET TO SEARCH]/item. example “user/item”
  5. get value that you want from firebaseDB. name, email…
  6. firebase return the value… you should have to use an if block to separe the answer depending of tag. example: if tag = name do… someting

the trick… save value that you got in global variables and put it at the end in a list. then you can set elements in list view to= listValues

i have a full toturial in youtube using firebaseDB
enable cc and suscribe.

Get value from firebase and show in different app

please send me a demo project only for when a user register then show list after make list by list new user from firbase


@Hassan I am facing a problem here. Sometimes it looks like this, especially when a user edit their value.

this is the actual form


Big problem: Every time i click “UserInfo button” again on that same session , i get value again… How to stop that?


Hi! please show your blocks when you have a problem. now i will give you an advise. dont use numbers only as a tag.
don’t: tag: 123
do: tag: abc123

Firebase has problem when you getTagList and you have only numbers in tags.



This is the main screenshot of that block…


yup you must show blocks. my suggestion is find where did you make a wrong first.
if you cant you can create a variable.
for example “gotvalue” = false
when user clicked userinfo if gotvalue = false
firebase getvalue
Set got value true


@iRaj check out this you can add condition when there is same element you can eliminate or skip


Sir could you please provide sample project .aia file because I’m trying to make this same project but unable to understand. Please sir?


can any .aia Example file share with me


sir can u share me a example .aia i’ts really helpful to me


I have more or less the same doubt, it’s just not working. Look at my block. I’m trying to get values to organize them.

and on the screen appears like this

I want it to appear like this