Firebase Link not load in next screen



i am trying to make an app system like providing movies to user so the problem is that when i put movie link to Firebase , but it doesnt load the link in next screen please help me i am too near to complete my project.


First question is are you allowed to provide the movies? Are they commercial movies, and do you have a license to spread them.


no its free through google drive


There is still the question where the movies are coming from. We see to many users wanting to spread apps with commercial available movies. And that’s illegal even in India.

So it will give AppyBuilder a bad name if you make such an app and spread illegal movies.


not at all i just upload movie like free cartoon through easily available from other websites and free app which i taken from playstore nothing illegal in that:grinning::yum:


show ur blocks for better understanding


blocks is the main problem, i am just a beginner who learn through Youtube and i just gone confuse in this stage i dont get video about this topic in youtube so i am make a topic in that
Help me (i dont know how i start) can you show me the block