Firebase google analytics


hello everyone
does anyone know how can i integrate google analytics with firebase in appybuilder?
to know who is use my app realtime ?
thank you


Yes i know, send me a private message and i’m explain to you how you can integrate


Why not explain it here so everyone can benefit from it?


Hello @AsafLubliner,

What we can do is add a firebase component, and on every action like on screen initialize increment the value of any particular tag by 1.

Search forum first :
How I can add Analytics for my app


You are right, tomorrow I will create a tutorial on how to do it so that everyone can see it.


thank you everyone
any new updates?


@AsafLubliner Did you see response from @Nick ?


but i didnt understand how it can be done on appybuilder platform :slight_smile:


Hi sorry i can’t create the tutorial because I haven’ t had time, but it’s easy, for use analytics with firebase you can use this web and upload your apk, after that select what you need

tomorrow i create a tutorial of that.


can you please tell me how i monitor my app user activity on app. and how much they stay active.
please help me


I dont know yet how to connect firebase to google analytics…


Click here

And press :earth_americas: button below the post.


but all the website has change. the tutorial that you post link to is not the same… :frowning:


Check the tutorial step by step and you can add analitycs to your app