Firebase error Help please!



Hello, I’m new here and I started this app with Pixii tutorials.

Everything was going great, I live tested my app and worked just fine with the firebase and all. But the problem comes when I install the apk on my phone, it just breaks, it makes a weird call to firebase.
I get the a weird looking login screen, then “Runtime Error: invoke: no method named ‘Create’ in class java.lang.Boolean” and “Problem with aplication: Cannot find the component: Points”

I don’t know what to do. I leave the aia file so you can take a look and help me, I’ve been working for like 3 days non stop.

Thanks!LuckyCash.aia (1.7 MB)


Hello! I’m really sad that no one answered me. I’m still trying to work on the problem and I can’t fix it.


So after 4 hours you are already sad. Why not be patient? What kind of app are you making. Its name looks like it is an earning app and earning apps are not allowed.