Firebase data not store on live testing


please help me i trying to store data in my firebase but its not working i using simple block.
plz check
testnew.aia (1.8 KB)


It’s usually better to provide a screenshot of relevant blocks instead of the .aia, especially in the first post.


plz see this


plz help me


What doesn’t work?
Do you get any errors?


you dont need to post in all builder forums and you dont need to make a post in a post.


It work for all other people, for me firebase work too, you did something wrong. r<ead the firebase tuturials.


Use the firebase error block and you will see why it does not work for you. something is wrong in your app. And you dont need to post youir aia file nobody will download it and test your aia. Think of that every second person want to send their aia files and other people should look what is wrong.
If i do that i have no time for my project if i look into each project and look what is wrong there. You habe made some troublesin your rules or the url is wrong or anything else.


Did you modified the Firebase Rules?
Did you gave proper Firebase url?
Did you gave proper Project Bucket and tag??

Visit the following link


Try to read also this. All you need to Publish the rules before you save any data in your firebase database.

Follow the below tutorial and publish the rules.


i already try all possible way to fix it i’m using firebase database from last one year but now i’m not understanding what happening. i using simple block to store data and firebase test mode so rule is default. firebase token and url also right. i’m already try 2,3 different project and different firebase but same problem data not store. i also use firebase error block but not receive any error response. please help what happening :sob::sob::sob:


finally i found a bug in appybuilder and kodular both. Firebase data not store on live testing. one more bug if you installed your apk for test and your test device and your pc connect same WiFi connection i mean both connect only one wifi then also your firebase data not store