Firebase Authentication V.3.0



is there any way to reset the password?


@mirxtrem_apps if i use this extension the what are the firebase rule? i user multi database for my project. how can i authenticate both database?


with javascript and a web viewer component set to hidden…


Hello to everyone;

  1. What is google id token? Where is it available?
  2. What is facebook access token? Where is it available?


both tokens are generated by GoogleLogin and FacebookLogin extensions, you can find them here:


Hello where do i get sort list block what is in the video.?


@mirxtrem_apps kindly reply to this.

I am working on firebase database but unable to set authentication rules in firebaseDb because there is no function available in FirebaseAuth to set the Firebase Token.
Firebase Token should be set to the idToken for authorizing the user.

I’m confused in this matter. Kindly reply or upload a video which describes how we can send data if different rules are set in firebase.


@mirxtrem_apps Has firebaseSecureDB been released?
If yes, kindly share the link.


Hi, I’ve created a registration and sign-up in my app. This all works. Now I need to reset my password, but I can’t. I used Firebase Authentication extension v.3.0 and according to the tutorial I created blocks but the password reset does not work. The same error message is from both the application and the companion. Could anybody help me?


Did you just type, “FirebaseSecureDB”? I’m pretty sure FirebaseDB exists, not FirebaseSecureDB.


hace falta informacion sobre el inicio de sesion con cuentas de google!


hi all… how exactly do i read / write to firebase as an authenticated user? I get the log in part… how about read /write?

Does it mean that upon authentication, firebase automatically knows i am logged in? my point is to avoid public read / write rules . .