Firebase Authentication V.3.0



Hi, everybody! mirxtrem apps here, bringing you the lastest update for this extensions.

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New Features:

  • Federated identity provider integration (to use with FacebookLogin and GoogleLogin extensions).

  • Update profile: You can update a user’s profile (display name / photo URL).

  • Error to compile apk fixed.

Download it here:


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thank you for your contribution

however: does it make sense to start a new thread for each new version of your extension?
wouldn’t it make more sense to publish the new version in your existing thread?

PS: btw. my tools extension already has 18 versions up to now…


Hi @mirxtrem_apps , could you add a property to assign the apiKey by block editor? In this way we can use obfuscated text to assign the apikey and it’s a slightly secure method than just put it in the design editor, as at the moment the extension doesn’t allow secure connection to the db (right?).


and obfuscated api works?.. someone try but it seems nothing happened… but i will fix… you are right.



obfuscated text is a block of the “Text” section in the blocks editor, it’s like the “Text” block with the difference that the text entered in it is not visible when decompiling the apk.

@Hossein the same logic should be applied to the Firebase DB component: could you please add to it the property to set the FirebaseURL and the FirebaseToken? Thanks

EDIT: also the OpenSignal component is missing an AppId property in the blocks editor.


@Gabryk will check into obfuscated text for firebase

One signal: working on it


Not sure if I was clear, so:

(same thing for OneSignal)

Post Oct 11 Release Wish List

@Gabryk yes. It’s clear


Hi, in the next update i put it out, thanks!


I have an extension called FirebaseSecureDB not release yet, coming soon! with this FirebaseToken block you can set rules only read and write for auth users y pass token from FirebaseAuth extension.

stay close, regards!


Hi @mirxtrem_apps, I’m trying your extension for Facebook/Google login but what I need to put in the googleIdToken and facebookAccessToken? Thanks


Hello! I’ve made a FirebaseAddOn extension, to do that in the meantime.

You can check it at:


Hi @mirxtrem_apps any update with FirebaseSecureDB ?


there is another extensions called FirebaseDB AddOns that do the same.


How can I fix this error @mirxtrem_apps


…and how can us use an auth rules “$uid”…


I hope the download link hosting providers plan is expired I’m unable to download the extension.


com.mirxtremapps.FirebaseAuth.aix (37.8 KB)


Where is the SetToken block please ?


bad request error
how to fix