Fire Base: How to store multiple value in same tag?



Hi, I’m making an app where the user will enter the main page by a sign in process. I’m having trouble with saving multiple values in the same tag.Obviously, username and password will be predetermined by admin. I want use Firebase instead of TinyDB. Is there any way to store multiple values in the same tag?

Please Help.


Did you follow the tutorial?


You can use list to save two values on same tag. Check this


Here I’m using this blocks to save username and password for an app. However not like yours, user is deciding the username and password.


If you’re hard-coding a CSV format into Firebase, you need to format your string in order to properly retrieve the full CSV list in AppyBuilder.

For Example:
let’s say you hard-code a tag in Firebase
food_list: “apples, oranges, bananas”

If you try to retrieve “food_list” from Firebase, you’ll only see "apples"
Instead, format your string as:
food_list: "\"apples, oranges, bananas\""

(No: that is not a typo at the end. The left side is "\" the right side is \"")

You can then use the list from csv row block in AppyBuilder to convert your string to a readable list


Thanks. I think I got an idea by adding an ID. It’s not good but working.