Finally I Have Made My Best App


I have completed my best app finally it would not be a real best app but I would call it MY BEST APP It took me few months for completing this because I was completely new to the world of apps creation. Everything from Appybuilder blocks, getting icons to making screenshots for my app was a real obstacle but passed every hurdle due to your vibrant communities. though I have made this app using Appy Builder But I can not forget to mention here the support provided to me by thunkable community, they really helped me a lot. Taifun extensions helped me a lot. I am really Thankful Appybuilder for providing such a great builder. I am talking like that I have created the biggest app in the world but I don’t know how to express my feelings. i can not express my feelings to you guys because I didn’t know the single line about coding and all such things. But finally, i comleted my app.Thanks Again Guys I

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You have a lot of stuff packed into the app!
I see you’re a Huge fan of isCard but I feel in some situations it takes up too much real estate.
A great example of this:

Too much of the screen is lost due to isCard and Alignment issues.


i used card to to show each window or tool as separate entity and i think there is no big alignment issue because i have used horizontal scroll arrangement of buttons at the to it makes easy for the users to understand that its a vertical scroll arrangement


Another milestone achieved My App has got 100 Downloads, 160 plus downoloads


Another achievement 300 downloads


My app has got 300 downloads congrats a me guys and still no suggestions please give me suggestions


you can make video in every 2 days and publish in youtube. use keywords. one of your video can get many views suddenly. and people will download it. i make that kind video and get 4500 views and 1000 people download app. so give it A TRY


thanks bro i will try it


My app has got 500 Downloads


How are you getting downloads? Organically or are you promoting it manually? My published apps only get a small number of downloads and I’m hoping to improve this


Another achievement 1500 downloads