Filter Bar is not working with the Custom List View


Hello all,
I would to ask your help with the component “custom list viewer”. When i try to use the filter bar in order to search items in the list, it does not work, are you aware about this issue?, do you know how solve it?.

Thanks in advance.


Anyone faced the same issue? Suggestions??


your blocks capture screen


I am using the following block, i have some a list for the title of listview and a list for images:


my image is called icona.png and seems that the filter bar is searching for the image instead of the list item. As you can see following i have different items in the list:

but if i search “E” in order to retrieve the items called example, the result is nothing:

thanks in advance for the help.


I’ve never tried this one, but you are absolutely right the filter bar is searching for the images.

@Hossein something you can tell us about this…



thanks for support Boban.
Dear Developers, anyone knows how to solve the issue?.

Thanks in advance to all.


Dear All,
Any news about the issue?.

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bro please share block screenshort


The developers are looking into it.


Thanks to much! :slight_smile:

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