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quieres poder editar los elementos desde el panel de diseño??? o solo una vista fija para una aplicación en especifico


Should be able to edit the component from the design view. Just like working on a screen but this is a screen on top of another screen just like floating button or notifier dialog. See example below.



FontTypefaceCustom on Spinner
Also font size is missing


Is it possible to make home button extension??


@Abdul_Maajith what is home button extension? Please explain.


I would like to have a possibility to use font awesome or material icon font in ListViewCustom and ListPickerCustom.


@Bruger, like this?


@Kleyber_Derick Do you use image or web font for the icons on the left?


I use material icons. This way:
1 - I’ve inserted the .ttf file with the material icons in my assets:


2 - In the blocks I created a global variable to receive the icon:


3 - When receiving data to fill my ListViewCustom, I insert the icon for each record.


In this case it is inside a FOR…EACH loop.

4 - At the end of loop, I set the data and the icons to the listview:


And that’s it!!

Hope this helps.


Thanks @Kleyber_Derick.

I am thinking about using icon font and not .png image file. For example using &#xE55A ; instead of .png.


you can use Web component’s HTML decode function for it.:+1:


It doesn’t work. I have tried.


@Kleyber_Derick hi, why do you upload Material icon font if you use .png? I dont see you assign font on your block.


Because I use the material icons directly in the Andres Cotes’ Sidebar


@Hossein @Nickon any news on this?


Please allow copy and paste of components (buttons, labels, etc) in the designer view in the next upgrade.
It’s really stressful to have to go through the motions everytime you want to repeat something.
Thank You.


Please add manually triggering to get current location instead of “on location changed” because i have to shake the mobile to get location. :upside_down_face:


Please show your blocks. This can also work without shaking the phone.


I’d really like apps to be able to run in the background. I’ve made an app with reminders, but it’s useless as long as it isn’t able to send notifications when the app is closed.


I know AI is working on background tasks.
It will probably be a bit longer than anyone had hoped before it will be ready.
I believe this is mostly due to the new Google Play requirements.

Check out these extensions: