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I heard that some people can use coding to some extend. I think the language are JavaScript and Python. @Taifun is the expert here. I wonder if we can somehow utilise this to maximum potential…


for some JavaScript examples see here https://puravidaapps.com/tutorials.php#html

for a Python test see here
How to use App Inventor and Skulpt to run Python code



Thanks. I’ve read back through a bunch of postings, and really appreciate your responsiveness! This is how I ran my own start up way back in the day (co-founded the world’s first self-service web hosting company, Web Communications, LLC, in May of 1994): do the little things quick, be open and engaged about the bigger ones.

Re: 1. Great, thank you.
Re: 2. Awesome!
Re: 3. Documentation:

Have you thought about somehow enabling contributions from the community? I’d be more than happy to systematically write documentation covering items not currently included, to the maximum extent possible, and flag typos and grammatical flaws.

Also, looking at the help site your link to, you’re taking on a huge job by mixing “documentation” that describes the function of a particular item, with detailed tutorials teaching people how to use it who need more than that.

When I click on “more information” in the ? tooltop for a UI item in the Designer Pallete, I see 15 items out of 25 documented. I’d love to have equivalent information, at least at this level, for all these items, without having to dig.


Re: 4. Yes, that’s why I labeled it as “unrealistic”, although, just possibly, the code might be already structured so that the components are just another representation derived from the XML, and to enable the methods used to manipulate blocks in the designer preview area to be repurposed to perform the same function in the component view.


@Thomas_Leavitt Contributors? Yes definitely (see post link HERE). That would be great. Ultimately, we like to make help.AppyBuilder.com the ultimate help system and will route all the “more information” to link to above. That help system is being written in GitBook where collaboration can be done and contributors can update same book (help).

If you like to become contributor, awesome, we can open-up a slack channel to discuss OR you can PM me to discuss.



Could be possible to change or add a custom color from the properties palette? or the possibility to change the default color?



Color of what component? Please clarify


Well I{m working in an app that I need to change the color of some different components (Labels, butons, etc, ) but that color is not in the options so I have to change it by code when the screen initializate, so I though that could be an opcion to change the color also by hex or something like that,



@MenniJC5 You many want to go through some of the MIT AI tutorials here: http://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/ai2/paintpot-part1.html


yes but for example I need to use a kind of magenta that is not on the options I have to create the color with RGB, so I cannot put the color directly on the properties palette, I have to put the colors on the screen.initialize and put each button that I want to use that color, what do you think about it?


@josejad, @Gabryk We added your requested SIMPLE HTML formatting to ListviewCustom
@Ronin @mena We added your requested OneSignalPush notification
@Juliano We added your requested property for changing Checkbox color


Someone made a thesis of improving the Usability of App Inventor through Conversion between Blocks and Text.



Personally i really likes this thesis. Hopefully it can be made in AI and all its clones.


@Peter_Mathijssen Thanks for info. If I’m not mistaken, MIT is already working on concept of folders. However, we’ll definitely try to read through these


@Nickon, @Hossein, Good job! Thanks a lot for the update, and for listening us… You all are awesome, team!


@Nickon e @Hossein Many thanks for the updates and for the attention! I am very happy with your excellent work!


@Juliano glad you like the updates :slight_smile:
We are going to open up a new thread to keep track of next set of updates and to keep track of bugs.

@Italo sorry we missed your request, but fortunately @Taifun extension will help you out.


Oh, don’t worry @Hossein, you guys do a lot already. Thanks for all the new components and updates!


Copy paste - components in designer view

Font size should also have % type setting.


yes thank you


I’d like the idea of folder…
its hard to maintenance the code when its getting complex