Features you want


Thank you very much, sir Hossein!


@Juliano I just updated extension allowing you to dynamically add Tabs to top of screen. See details here: [Extension] DynamicComponent extension


@Gabryk The new release of DynamicComponents includes ability to pass in html SIMPLE html text.



I just checked. Its amazing! I was surprised by the effects. Opens many possibilities.
Thank you very much! Keep up the wonderful work!


Thank you but I was referring to ListView Custom component, it would be awesome if the items can show simple html formatting!


@Gabryk We have already made that change in ListViewCustom and will be in next release


@Juliano let us know if see any issues with this new feature


Notice yes. According to my need, it is working well!

Thank you


It would be great if could add HTML Format to ListCustomView¡¡


Hello. I wish that AppyBuilder is also available for Windows Phone.
Is this possible?
Thanks a lot,


We really want that
Push_Notifications by OneSignal
thank you


@mena We’ll check into it.


Yes, really want this too… OneSignal


@Ronin @mena Your requested component will be in next release


Wohoo… Thank you so much, @Hossein… What a wonderful news…:smile:

  1. I would like to resize the text in the Title in the Action Bar; the font size for an app generated out of MIT AI 2 is smaller and thus displays more text.

  2. I would like some more rational method of editing label text than blindly mousing around in a tiny single line text box. An expandable text box would be great. The logical place to edit it would be directly in the preview area. Subset: why doesn’t label text in the preview area wrap?

  3. Documentation beyond AppyBuilder itself for all of the UI components (most of the AppyBuilder ones aren’t listed, it shouldn’t be too difficult to edit a single HTML page and add a short explanation). Tool tips for all the configurable elements in the AppyBuilder UI Designer… I shouldn’t have to guess what “MarqueeEnabled” means, or dig through the forums here to figure it out.

  4. Unrealistic, probably, but I see the component tree, and think, “Why can’t I just drag and drop and rearrange components there?”


item 1 - we’ll check into it
item 2 - added for upcoming release
item 3 - we are working on documentation - http://help.AppyBuilder.com
item 4 - I think that would be a huge effort. Will try to communicate with MIT Dev team to get their input


I know it’s utopian but I’d like a block that can interpret old basic code:

So AppInventor could become more versatile and quick in running long functions and at the same time the community could exchange their code to other peoples.


@Andrea_Zaffardi implementing interpreters would be outside of scope for AppyBuilder :slight_smile:

Maybe there are libraries that could be used to execute BASIC code. Maybe an extension??


It seems unlikely. For example: in your example what would be the output component of the “Print” command?