Features you want


@Italo are you thinking of a genetic block that takes a text box component and a numeric position or like a TextBox GoToPisition block that takes a number or some other block?

Also lets assume we have those blocks. Do you see having blocks that selects text to left or right?


I guess two green blocks from the textbox drawer would be fine, like -get Textbox1.cursorPosition- and -Set Textbox1.cursorPosition to-

It’s just an idea. If it’s easier in a different way, it’s fine too.

Thanks for listening to the users!



The selection blocks would be an awesome addition too! To select the word being searched, to show what word is being said while using text to speech, etc.


I’m sure there has been some developing on this idea, but in case you didn’t please consider this:

An new type of arrangement that let’s the user swipe to the sides (with scroll effect too) the arrangements contained.
So for every gesture, the arrangement will move the contained arrangement in the direction of the gesture and bring the next arrangement in line, much like the gallery component.

If a contained arrangement is set to invisible, then that container is skipped.

There will be the need to add a couple of blocks: One to set the current visible arrangement to… and another to get which arrangement is the one being displayed at the time. This would be used for a navigation bar or menu, outside the new arrangement.

It’s different from the Horizontal scroll arrangement, because the swipe centers each contained arrangement to fill the container and each contained arrangement must fill the container.

I’ve seen a lot of users asking for swipe effect to change screens and this would definitely be a major feature to attract users.


@Italo Not sure if I understand what you mean by above. HorizontalScrollArrangement allows for swiping. The swipe can be used to include Image, Button, and other components. It can be used to implement functionality like Photo Gallery or like Tabs.


@Italo i haven’t tried. Have you tried using horizontal scroll arrangement and dropping a horizontal arrangement in there?


It’s different from the current horizontal scroll arrangement.
As an example of what this would do, please see how the screen works in the Google Calendar app:


@Italo Is this something you wanted?


Looked at the link. Looks very nice


Yes, it looks like what I was suggesting in result. But like always, this guy never documents his extensions, so it’s not clear how to work with it. It looks like it allows to add 3 arrangements only to scroll? Not sure.


Talking about ListView Custom, it would be a great feature if we could use HTML text formatting in list items. So we could have really stylish lists like this


@Gabryk consider including html done :slight_smile: . Not sure about formatting that you included. Its gonna be a lot of low level coding for you, so developers, to add in all those formatting.


Sorry, I didn’t notice that the first image is a presentation. In particular I was referring to list like this:

This is almost already possible with the ListView Custom, but with html capabilities we could also format the texts like in the image, that it’s what is really missing now. Thank you! :slight_smile:


@Gabryk, We are exploring other possibilities


@Gabryk BTW, i don’t think you can pass in full html syntax. If you want to try, in a label, try to set text to html with font size


You’re right, like said on app inventor guide:

If true, sets text of label to html format else it is plain text format. Note: Not all HTML is supported.

But we don’t really need all HTML syntax, in most case it is sufficient to have text formatting keywords like <b><u><i><font size><font color> etc, just like on the label and the notifier component

Different matter: can you add a “keep screen on” checkbox on the companion? Would be very useful


Ability to add a url/list of urls and display them as cards in the app ( For example if we post a url on facebook, it comes as a card with images )


Insert the option to change the color of the Checkbox in the Checkbox component.

This would be very useful to facilitate the visualization of the component, which according to the color of the used background, can be almost invisible or without much prominence.


@Juliano will add this option