Features you want


Starting a thread to get community input about features that you like to be added, enhanced or fixed.


Hi, the most wanted feature is running our apps at background. It would be really great.

  1. Custom list view text size change
  2. Custom list view image from url address
  3. Add custom list view image size property
  4. Spinner drop down color


Don’t know if it’s possible…
It would be cool to get a block for Gravity Useage in Canvas.
To make Games like Pinball easily.

I played with the stuff we can use right now. But then there is a overlay problem with the sprites…


It would be great for me some kind of upload percentage in FTPManager¡¡


Would be possible having in ListCustomView some kind of “subtitle”


Custom Buttons would be cool… with corner radius… border color aso…


You are talking about dynamic components?


dynamic or the normal button component… i wish that they look better… with border and corner radius we could make really nice looking buttons… :slight_smile:



  • Show the notification in the notification bar internally without using a server, or connect to the Internet.
    Example to show the user a reminder that he put, etc.
    I do not know if this could already be done.
  • When using other colors in components like buttons, text box, etc. Continue to retain Material Desing and not only when it is in Default
    -Animations for buttons, labels, etc.
    -Splash Screen by default


Form validation.

I can create from blocks but if there is easier solution then it would be really appreciated.
So, when a submit button clicked, it will validate some other inputs to check if they are empty/selected or not.


Some way to know if you are connected to internet, and if you are connected througth wifi or mobile data.


We’ll try to add that


algo como esto image


We’ll try to add these :wink:


Could you add the possibility to change width and height of buttons in the dynamic component?
Or if this won’t work to set the width and/or height to FillParent
is it possible to add horizontal and vertical arrangement to this extension? :slight_smile:


I don’t really know but it sounds kind of easy to make:

A way to read the position of the cursor in a textbox, and another to place the cursor in a specific position of the textbox.

Is it possible?


@Italo can you please provide more info? How would you use it?


As an example, you can place the cursor in a specific position in a textbox, click a button or scan something, and text can be inserted there.
Another example would be a search feature in a multiline textbox, where you can “jump” to the word being searched.


Okay. We’ll think about implementation :slight_smile: