FAQ - Why app fails to build


This is a list of why some apps fail to build .apk

  1. We have seen builds fails because some users are using the word new for their screen name. This is a java keyword and shouldn’t be used.
  2. When creating procedure, change default procedure name
  3. If your email starts with number (e.g 1john_doe@gmail.com), build will fail
  4. Do not use the name screen for new Screen
  5. Blocks with empty required sockets. This means that you are not passing enough parameters
  6. Conflicting extensions.
  7. Strange app icon sizes. Use a 96 x96 png for this.
  8. AIA files coming from other builders with conflicting components. Components not present in AppyBuilder should be removed. All monitizing components should be removed.
  9. Projects with large assets.
  10. Projects with a large number of blocks (exact numbers are hard to say).
  11. Projects with to many screens (exact numbers are hard to say).
  12. Your project is to big, the aia file can not be bigger then 10 MB to build.
  13. There are errors in your blocks. Look for the yellow and red triangles in the lower left of the block editor.
  14. There are duplicate event blocks. For instance two button click events for the same button.
  15. There are unused resources in your project.
  16. If you have a comma in your packagename.
  17. Too many screens and/or blocks
  18. Too many extensions or conflicting extensions. Some extensions use libraries that already exist in AppyBuilder. This may / will cause build issue during apk multidexing - has to do with number of methods in a single class file
  19. Invalid package names. If you change package names, make sure you use minimum 3 words, and use all lowercase, and no special characters, no embedded spaces
  20. You have WARNINGS in your block-editor. This could be due to blocks that have open socket and nothing is plugged in (e.g. JOIN blocks). Either plug into open-sockets or delete the open open-socket

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