Facebook Interstitial advt error


While I am trying to load FB Interstitial ad, AdFailedToLoad block gives following error: “Error 7005: facebook audience network sdk does not have all required classes. Please check LogCat output for tag FBAudienceNetwork.”

APK built from same piece of code was working 20 days back. But if I create new APK today with same code, I am facing this error.

What could be the possible solution and root cause of issue?


Remove the component and re-add it. Then try and compile again.


Unfortunately, it did not solve the issue. I am still facing the same error in all my projects.


Well the source code for that component is here.

Can you ope logcat and show the error please. We might be able to fix it easily.

If you do not know how t o open logcat then look at this tutorial


same problem here


Filtred Logs Errors:
04-20 11:16:09.435 18354 18354 E FBAudienceNetwork: You don’t call AudienceNetworkAds.initialize(). Some functionality may not work properly.
04-20 11:16:09.735 18354 18354 E FBAudienceNetwork: You are using custom Application class and don’t call AudienceNetworkAds.isInAdsProcess(). Multi-process support will be disabled. Please call AudienceNetworkAds.isInAdsProcess() if you want to support multi-process mode.
04-20 11:16:09.745 18354 18400 E ActivityThread: Failed to find provider info for com.facebook.katana.provider.AttributionIdProvider
04-20 11:16:10.245 18354 18379 E File : fail readDirectory() errno=2
04-20 11:16:15.725 18354 18354 E FBAudienceNetwork: Dependency not found: android.support.v7.widget.RecyclerView
04-20 11:16:15.725 18354 18354 E FBAudienceNetwork: Facebook Audience Network SDK doesn’t have all required classes. Please, check LogCat output for tag FBAudienceNetwork. See more: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/audience-network/android/
04-20 11:16:28.395 1646 2256 E ConnectivityService: RemoteException caught trying to send a callback msg for NetworkRequest [ id=258, legacyType=-1, [ Capabilities: INTERNET&NOT_RESTRICTED&TRUSTED] ]


@hichamino - Did you get any solution of this issue?


Sorry, No solution found with appybuilder.com


i have the same problem too. i talked with facebook and they send me this
|### Facebook|Wed, Apr 24, 6:43 PM (9 days ago)||

to me


Hi Asaf,

It looks like a few of your android apps are running on an outdated version of SDK.

Please update the integration.

If there is still an issue, please feel free to write back.


Facebook Publisher & Media Support Analyst

|### Facebook|Wed, Apr 24, 7:16 PM (9 days ago)||

to me


Hi Asaf,

We do not have the resources necessary to assist with coding and integration issues, however, I am able to provide general guidance.

Please visit Monetization Manager

  • Select “Integration” on the left hand menu
  • Select “SDK”
  • Download newest SDK and follow instructions.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to Developer Support:



Facebook Publisher & Media Support Analyst

i dont know how to fix


I guess, SDK issue can’t be resolved at developer end; so only AppyBuilder team can sort out the matter.

@Hossein - Could you please spare few minutes to check what is way forward now?


what is the version that needs to be used?
We can also check into it


this is the newest sdk version from Facebook mangers website:
[Android Audience Network SDK 5.3.0]

thank you very much


any update for the SDK? @Hossein


@Hossein - Could you please update if work is in progress or not, related to Facebook advertisement issue.


hello @Hossein
its still not working error 7005
did you update the SDK in appybuilder platform?


Any update? @Hossein


I am getting same problem , plz fix it as soon as possible @appybuilder