Facebook Interstitial advt error


While I am trying to load FB Interstitial ad, AdFailedToLoad block gives following error: “Error 7005: facebook audience network sdk does not have all required classes. Please check LogCat output for tag FBAudienceNetwork.”

APK built from same piece of code was working 20 days back. But if I create new APK today with same code, I am facing this error.

What could be the possible solution and root cause of issue?


Remove the component and re-add it. Then try and compile again.


Unfortunately, it did not solve the issue. I am still facing the same error in all my projects.


Well the source code for that component is here.

Can you ope logcat and show the error please. We might be able to fix it easily.

If you do not know how t o open logcat then look at this tutorial


same problem here