Facebook Ads Error 1001: No Fill


There is a problem with Facebook ads. When I load the ad, it does not show anything. Ran some debugging tests the response error from facebook was Error 1001: no fill

Pretty sure I added the correct placement ID


@habboubih It works. I believe you have-to-have facebook running in the background.


Facebook app is already working in the background and logged in to the same developer account that has been used to create the ad placement.


Below is what i was referring to. Tyke fact that you get error 1001, means full communication is established.

  • Error 1001 - No Fill . May be due to one or more of the following:
  • User not logged into Native Facebook App on Mobile Device
  • Limit Ad Tracking turned on (iOS)
  • Opt out of interest-based ads turned on (Android)
  • No Ad Inventory for current user
  • Your testing device must have the native Facebook application installed.
  • Your application should attempt to make another request after 30 seconds.


You have to publish it to the playstore. After then the ads starts playing.