Extreme Custom Table Updated (27/01/2018)


It’s not released yet, it is till in beta.
If you want this beta you’ll have to ask Kus_Zab.


So I created 2 vertical arrangements and 2 times an extreme custom table which are in the respective vertical arrangements.
I initialize the headers once for the tables and hide and show the vertical arrangements when necessary.
So I can show two screens on one screen.
But now I have the following issue.
When I fill the table I cannot select a row before scrolling down and up again.
This is workaround for larger tables but the tables with one or two rows don’t allow me to select one of their rows. I need this selection to go to the next table. How do I do this when selection fails?


He never answered. Please let me know when new version is released. I paid for this extension


he answered, there is no new version maybe you’re wrong


For me it did not work on Android 9 on a Samsung.
He pointed me to a new version that works


Is it possible to add a graph as a itemmm, like if you go to coinmarketcap and there you have a table iew also, at first the nae of the coin, the marketcap, 24hours change and so on and on the end there you hae a graph where you can see ifnthe prices rises up or down the last days.

Is that possible in a costum extension to implement this feature:?