Extreme Custom Table Updated (27/01/2018)


Sorry if this is a dumb question.
I would like to know if it’s possible to purchase this extension and put it in the regular MIT appinventor 2
Or I need to develop only in Appy Builder
What’s the advantage of Appy Builder vs Regular App Inventor 2 ?


Hi, I made the transfer. Thank you.


where can I download this extension


Andres_Cotes, sabes como usar esta extension? La has probado?


No señor, pero puedes contactar al desarrollador


I tried this extension, but I found it cumbersome and maybe with bugs. I paid the extension, but I did not use it because I did not like it. this is just my personal opinion, I may not have been able to correctly use the extension.


Please can you provide the email address registered with PayPal? I wanna purchase the app amd paypal.me does not work for me as the paypal app does not support it.


Please any chance to get the PayPal account email and extension ASAP?


@StanV, please send these types of inquiries via PM.


What is the pay? I need this extension :slight_smile: