Extension Sidebar navigation Update 04/08/2017


send me too .
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How to add icons from other website???


When I executed test live I can see the image on the top of sidebar. But It disppeared afrer I downloaded and installed as apk. You mentioned image size may imapct. What size of image you recommend? < 100k?

Note: You really did a good job. It is very useful tool.


When i try this icon is not showing, Instead of that it is showing text.


add ttf files assets

Runtime Error | font asset not found MaterialIcons-regular.ttf

i added ttf files


Show your blocks, please


hola doné cómo puedo tener la barra SideBar?


Font asset not found MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf

I have already added the ttf file.
It was not giving the error before, but today sudden it started giving this error


Just type all list item in a single red box differentiate with comma(,)
Similarly create icon list

Now try


I bought a paid version of the extension, it is perfect!
But, why does the extension need permission: “Allow the application to make phone calls to the application”?
Is it possible to remove this permission?
I am sure that users will be disappointed to see him


Hola amigo, tengo un problema con tu extensión.

Yo tengo la extensión que trae por defecto el appybuilder, y cuando intento subir mi app al Companion este me dice que hubo un problema subiendo los bloques. He intentado tanto colocar los 4 caracteres como tambien colocando el nombre del simbolo.

Yo los saque de esta pagina: https://fontawesome.com/cheatsheet

El mensaje de error es:
For input string: “(home plug th-large terminal align-left calculator graduation-cap share-alt-square)”
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

Y cuando la envio al companion lo unico que aparece es la sidebar completamente en blanco.



La versión libre solo trabaja con la tipografía material-design y la tipografía roboto. Puedes escribir a +57 3176732214


show this …
i can’t
help me


You add material and roboto font




but i don’t know anything why this problem


Show me property sidebar extensión


friend please send me mail


@rsquare_apps what about sending a PM to the developer?
probably posting your email address in a public forum is not a good idea, is it?
do you want to attract loads of spam in your inbox?