Extension Sidebar navigation Update 04/08/2017


with this extension can not but build custom for 20 USD


Hello @Andres_Cotes
I make an App with MIT AI2. I call it “TinyCalendar”.
Always when I start my app with your extension, it crashes: “Unfortunaly, TinyCalendar has stopped.”

I use the free version, so I don´t have any properties for the extension.

Thanks for your help!


donwload example it have check develoment


Me interesa comprar la version de pago, como te contacto? Gracias!



@Andres_Cotes You can add those information to your website. It will help others.


Where can I find the NavigationDrawer feature?


For now, Appybuilder doesn’t have navigation drawer feature, but you can use Andres’s plugin…


I did see a comment elsewhere to that effect. Reasonable not to duplicate efforts, although it is always nice to have primitives like this embedded in the core product. My thought is that maybe a more limited version could be licensed and integrated, with directions available on how to upgrade to the enhanced version.


Hello everyone I share the documentation of the Sidebar extension


Hola Andres, será que podrás crear una nueva actualización del Sidebar, que ahora se pueda poner una imagen en el background y no solo un color. Para que quede mucho más personalizado Gracias!


Hi I have problem, native typeface cannot be made. What is mean? I cannot run app.


add typographies to the project


:+1: :star_struck: great this is cool when will be this feature added


you can get it on this link the shipment is automatic


Is it possible that the sidebar slide in from right?


yes sir that’s possible


Thanks for your answer.
I ordered the extension.


It is possible but it must be implemented in a few hours I send you the update


Thanks. No problem.
I have enought time.