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Hello friend
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co.com.dendritas.Sidebar.aix (25,6 KB)

sidebar.aia (630.6 KB)
sidebar.apk (2,8 MB)


Paid feature 10 USD



donaciones https://www.paypal.me/andrescotes


Watch video here:


Andres Cotes

Preview - Navigation Drawer
Extension Review/Tutorial: Sidebar Navigation created by Andres Cotes
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@Andres_Cotes This looks awesome. Will definitely give it a try.

Has anyone tried this?


no entiendo que significa


I’m just asking the community (forum) members if they have tried it.

You are doing great.


voy a intentar un listview con imagenes y 2 textview



I just tried your .aia. I created .apk. Application crashes: “Unfortunately sidebar has stopped”.
Same on MIT AI2.


Works just fine, under settings Actionbar Extensions uncheck development.


@Boban_Stojmenovic thanks. I didn’t even look at source. Thanks. Will try


voy a revisar gracias por probarla


I think there is problem with Android 7


For me works fine on my Honor 8 with Android 7.
I’ve tested on other devices and the app crash (devoloper function unchecked)
Good Job


intenta usar el compañero y luego si compilas que ya creo que se donde esta el error mientras lo corrijo


ya actualice los enlaces


Andres, thank you very much for this awesome extention, your are the man, really you are :slight_smile:

Can you please provide a list of names so i can load the respective icon behinde the name?



Thank you, thank you, thank you…



In the next release you will be able to change font in the sidebar?


Tengo una extencion de pago dónde se puede personalizar color background alpha tamaño sidebar elevación animación y custom font 10 USD


Can you send the apk to test before buy it?


Very cool @Andres_Cotes , thank you very much… Will try tomorrow.


hola buenas podrias pasarme a mi tambien el apk estoy interesado pero me gustaria ver antes un ejemplo de esa extension, gracias :slight_smile: